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Latest Wedding Trends You Need To Know in 2019

Couples from around the world who are getting married in 2019 might be excited to know the latest wedding trends of this year to make their special day more exciting. The latest wedding trends that we are going to discuss in this blog aren't only beautiful, but they're completely timeless and definitely make your wedding the talk of the town.

From colors to floras’ and the whole thing in between, we’ll take you through what’s hot and what’s not this wedding season! So, let’s have a look at some latest wedding trends of 2019 that you should know about.

Deeply Colored Florals:

After numerous years of muted color palettes for bouquets and centerpieces, a resurgence of bright, deeply colored flowers is the latest wedding trend of this wedding season. Plentiful greenery will keep on to be a huge element of the ceremony & reception decor, although combine it with an additional colorful selection of flowers would be awesome. A new twist that let the whole space to feel like it’s become an element of the occasion is transitioning arrangements from traditional centerpieces to true decor elements.

Dramatic Colors:

2019 will glimpse a change from the conventional whites and creams, since brighter hues take centre stage in the whole thing from venue selection, to floral arrangements and bridesmaid dresses. Shades of red, pink, violet, purple and deeper shades of Ultraviolet look set to be well-liked choices for weddings this year. In this wedding season, bright colors have been an admired wedding trend.

Photography & Videography:

It’s set to be the year of video mapping, as increasingly couples choose to take complete advantage of the projectors that a lot of venues at present offer. Transforming the space with their preference of colors, shapes, patterns or images can insert a whole new element to wedding celebrations. The drone will also continue to be a top trend in 2019 because it becomes increasingly accessible to young couples tying the knot. With the unbelievable ability to capture different perspectives, drone takes the traditional wedding video to an additional level.


The types of food couples are selecting for their wedding receptions are becoming extra personal and ingenious. Whereas sit-down dinners will forever be admired for weddings, couples are getting extra imaginative with the food they serve than a typical buffet selection. This wedding trend will be even more well-liked in 2019, so rather than one buffet anticipates seeing themed food stations. So, the above are the some latest wedding trends in 2019 that everybody should know about! If you are getting married in 2019 and want to do some extra special to make it really unforgettable then these trends will make it happen. Hope these trends will make your wedding more exciting and memorable for you as well as your guests!